15 thoughts on “LEARN ACCOUNTING in Under 5 Hours!

  1. I’m only 20 minutes in here so far, but the explanation of debits and credits is worth 10 times the way I was taught in my undergrad! Thank you so very much. I will very much enjoy finishing the rest of this video. Thank you, Sir!

  2. I’m a bit confused at 27:27 on the credit side you have bill payments and new supplies, however those are not sources of money so why are they involved on the credit side, shouldn’t they be on the debt side since those are where the money is destined to be? I also am having a hard time understanding the increase or decrease of debits and credits as well. Maybe it will make more since the more the video I watch.

  3. Thank you. I forgot so many things i learned in college. Your videos are helping me to remind past courses. I’m having fun while i’m learning and remembering.

  4. Took me 3 days to completely go through this video. Thanks a lot mate. Prayers for you and hopefully I’ll buy some of those sweet merch soon. Cheers mate!

  5. Best video I seen so far with the best explanations and easy to understand. Although lengthy I was able to skip to specific subjects that I needed to better understand.

  6. Hello I am French, I live in France, but I would like to wholesale in the United States, I would like to buy from American wholesalers then resell on Amazon US and Walmart, Accounting in France is very complicated, but I understood that in the United States was going to be very simple especially for a small business, is it correct ? Thank you Cyril

  7. Funny thumbnail, so when are you uploading “learn accounting under 5 minutes or less”

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