Discover Accounting in 1 HOUR First Lesson: Credits as well …

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    1. Sadly you will have to pay $1 to access the course through our website to gain access to all the files. I know, it’s a lot but that how you can access all the files.

  1. After watching hours of debit/credit videos, i just cant get it. everytime im asked “is this a debit, or credit” im wrong almost every single time. in the back back of my mind, and debit should be subtracted, and a credit should be added. i wish some one could really help unblock my mind on this.

    1. Debits don’t mean subtraction nor credits addition. Your bank accounts gets debited and credited all the time. Accounting is all about two entries. Debits must equal credits. Always. Forever.

    1. @Executive Finance no i took it several years back i had to drop the class now a few years later it my 3rd and 4th class 😂. Im a business major.

  2. Thank You So very much you explain it very well! I truly appreciate this.

  3. Mrs Anna is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  4. hehehe i feel so dizzy iam just grade 9 and i want to take accountancy someday so here iam learning

    even i still have 3 years before that😔

  5. 7:51 is revenue and income same? The speaker calls it revenue but its written income.

  6. A question- why is equity a negative account? isn’t it the money owner contributes? and negative equity is debit??? doesn’t debit mean adding cash. I’m retaking accounting but apparently im as lost as ever

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