Excel for Accounting – 10 Excel Functions You Required to understand!


Get Access to My Course “Principles of Financial Analysis” HERE: If you operate in accounting or you are a financing expert, make certain you discover these Excel solutions. They’ll make your work life a LOT much easier and they operate in all Excel variations. A few of these are fundamental Microsoft Excel solutions and functions and some are advanced Excel solutions. All are excellent for accounting professionals, auditors, information experts and anybody else who had actually like to utilize Excel more effectively. If you have a small company and you are hectic with accounting for your small company, this tutorial will assist you. If you have Workplace 365, make certain you have a look at this Excel tutorial. You’ll discover a list of simple and helpful Excel functions such as FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE and series functions: ★ My Online Excel Courses ► 00:00 Crucial Excel Functions for Accounting Professionals 00:15 AGGREGATE Function 03:16 Excel ROUND Function 04:40 EOMONTH Function 05:53 Excel EDATE Function 07:05 Excel WORKDAY Function 08:43 3D Solutions 10:17 SUMIFS/ AVERAGEIFS/ COUNTIFS 12:51 Excel IF Function 14:41 VLOOKUP Function 16:50 TRIM Function _____ Comprehensive post for Excel functions for accounting: ✉ Uncertain which of my Excel courses fits finest for you? Take the test: ________ LINKS to associated videos: ► 3D Solutions: ► SUMIFS/ COUNTIFS: ► IF Function: ► VLOOKUP: ► XLOOKUP: ► TRIM Function: More accounting & Financing videos: For more Excel functions, have a look at this innovative Excel tutorials and functions playlist: EXCEL RESOURCES I Advise: Get Microsoft 365: Microsoft Surface area: EQUIPMENT Screen recorder: Main Cam: Backup Cam: Main Lens: Zoom Lens: Audio Recorder: Microphone: Lights: More resources on my Amazon page: Let’s link on social: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: Keep in mind: This description consists of affiliate links, which indicates at no extra expense to you, we will get a little commission if you buy utilizing the links. This assists support the channel and enables us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your assistance! #MsExcel #excel #accounting

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  1. Thank you so much for such a great video. I’ve been a CPA for over 11 years and some of these functions I never knew existed. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you so much dear Leila. You explain beautifully and your voice has a soft and melodic tone. It is such a delight listening to you.

  3. any good souls out there can help the following: sum up above cells until 1st empty cell ………???

  4. Your video is amazing and functional though I started to learn excel functions recently .

  5. It looks like this has been updated, can you release an updated version of aggregate.

  6. this is amazing. i’m prepping for my new job and am feeling anxious about it. all of your content has not only helped me brush up on the basics, but has also taught me some excellent secret tricks that will surely impress my new employer. ♥ many many many thanks for putting the effort in producing the content for this channel! ♥

  7. Hi, I am learning MS Excel now, which exam i need to take firstly on excel to get certificate from microsoft since there are multiple excel courses with same code, could you please suggest me which exam(2013/2016/2019) I need to take firstly on excel since I am a beginner

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