Accounting Professional Income (Is Accounting An Excellent Profession?)


Complimentary 6 Action Guide To Picking Your Dream Profession: 00:00 Introduction 00:32 What do Accountants do? 01:13 Workplace for Accounting professionals 01:56 Task Complete Satisfaction for Accounting Professionals 03:25 How to end up being an Accounting professional 04:28 Just how much do Accounting professionals in the U.S make? 05:57 Task outlook for Accounting professionals 06:41 Will Accountants be automated? 07:58 Finest states to reside in if you wish to be an Accounting professional ———- These videos are for home entertainment functions just and they are simply Shane’s viewpoint based off of his own life experience and the research study that he’s done. Shane is not a lawyer, CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT, insurance coverage, or monetary consultant and the info provided will not be interpreted as tax, legal, insurance coverage, security or monetary guidance. If stocks or business are pointed out, Shane may have an ownership interest in them. Associate links might exist, the deals and numbers provided might alter with time so please make certain to validate that the deal is still legitimate. Some deals pointed out might no longer be readily available or they have actually been altered. Please do not make purchasing or offering choices based upon Shane’s videos. If you require such guidance, please call the certified legal or monetary specialists, do not simply rely on the viewpoint of a complete stranger on the web and constantly make certain to do your own research study and enjoy this household friendly material. Sources and more readings for tasks and college degrees: bureau of labor data). nationwide center for academic data). payscale( offers info on tasks and degrees).,10.htm.

22 thoughts on “Accounting Professional Income (Is Accounting An Excellent Profession?)

  1. Great video! I’d have to agree that accounting is better than finance in terms that there’s more you can do with it

  2. Hey Shane! Could u please make a video like this about pharmacy since you are a pharmacist yourself

    1. Are you able to secure students grants application registration funding yet

  3. i just got my associates degree in accounting n just got my 1st job with a base pay of about 40k

  4. Two big things about accounting degrees: 1. Try to get into programs that can get you 150 credits during Undergrad and 24 accounting credits. 2. You should get the CPA (need 150+ credits in most states)

  5. Does salary factor in cost of living because 89,000 for New York is just making it living by yourself in a studio apartment plus overhead. While In Houston it has a LCOL and 60,000 can get you pretty far…

    1. Depends where in NY. Only a tiny spot of the state is very expensive while the vast majority of the state is pretty affordable.

    2. @29 Lets Go You’re right, but in this instance it not close to Houston for what Houston has per cost of living…

  6. I’m on my way to choose an ABM course for my last two years in high school.

  7. Thanks so much for your helpful videos. I talked to a tech recruiter recently and he said he has seen a lot of demand for people with accounting or finance backgrounds that can help implement ERP systems. He said people can make 70-80,000 starting out with that combo. Then they can make about 150,000 with a few years of experience. He said that he doesn’t see normal accountants doing that.

  8. I have a B.S. in accounting I never used. I couldn’t answer the CPA exam questions so I decided it wasn’t for me. The pay is way to low without that CPA designation. Don’t waste your time pursuing this career, there is no money in it. You would be better off in law enforcement or management.

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